We started as a specialist design office in the north of England in 1985 designing solutions for the coating, laminating and slitting industries.
In 1986 we moved into a larger facility and commenced manufacturing as well as designing the machinery.
1990 saw us move to a bigger plant with more investment in our manufacturing systems
We moved to our present location in 1996 which was purpose built for manufacturing our range of coating and laminating machines

2001 saw our biggest export turnover with 98% of turnover exported.
Today, we have the latest in design equipment with a very wide range of machinery designs in our portfolio, we manufacture 80% of all our parts and have a full order book.
We turnover approximately £4 million per year with our machinery being exported to every continent - we even have a machine in the arctic circle!

Production Capabilities
We manufacture the majority of our parts in house to ensure we keep a standard of quality and a short lead time.
Machine widths up to 4.5 meters (15’)

Speeds 1 – 800 M/Min (2600 ft/Min)
Reels up to 1800mm OD (70”)
Machines up to 23M (75’) in 1 piece
Height up to 6.5M (21’)
We maintain a strict confidentiality with all of our customers. We have designed some very innovative machinery with clients and we respect their privacy and we will not disclose it with any other companies.
75% of all our customers sign non disclosure agreements and we are always happy to do this.
On a custom designed machine, copyright will usually pass to the customer and a full set of detail design drawings are supplied.
When clients order development work, all new developments become their property and can be patented in their name. We have developed 4 patented products in the last 12 months for clients.