We manufacture a range of coating machines for the production of many products including the following:

Typical products manufactured

Coating on Papers & Films

Clay coatings for surface finishing
Coloured surface coatings

PVDC Coatings
Diazo coatings
Thermosealable Coating
Ink jet receptive coatings
Dry adhesive for stamps and wallpaper base etc

Pressure Sensitive coating & laminating

Production of self adhesive labelstock
Manufacture of double sided tapes.

Specialist single sided tapes
Self adhesive foams.

Laminating & Colourless food protective lacquer.

Film to film lamination for packaging
Paper to foil laminates for packaging.

Heat seal coatings for lid materials.
Laminates for cap seals and medical products etc.

For Coating of most papers, films and foils.
The machine is suitable for use with most water based coating materials and can be used with suitable solvent based coatings only when the Solvent option is taken.

Typical Materials to be Handled :-

Paper and board 38gsm to 800 gsm.
Films 12 to 800 microns.
Aluminium Foil 20 to 150 microns.